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All of our step by step tutorials, downloadable templates and project ideas to keep you busy at home


Fingerprint art - flowers

Fingerprint art is a great idea for kids of all ages and a very popular way of creating ceramics in our studio so I thought I'd draw up some easy guides so you can have a go at home.

This one is template and guide to get you started with some simple insects and flowers. Print out the template, grab some ink pads (or some paints) and a black marker pen.

Add on your fingerprints first, if you're using paint you only want a thin layer so dip your index finger in then dab off any excess onto your paint pallet.
Let the ink dry then follow the examples and draw on the details to your flowers and insects. Easy!

You don't have to follow the template, let your little ones use their imagination and make up their own flowers and bugs. You could even go out in the garden and find some that you can recreate.

Click here to download the guide as a pdf to print out the template page.

For more fingerprint art we'd recommend the fun print book by Ed Emberley

Happy painting and don't forget to tag us @studioscribbles on facebook and instagram so we can see your creations.

Fingerprint art - under the sea

Have some fun making an under the sea scene with fish, mermaids and submarines!

You can download and print out this template here or just use your imagination and a blank sheet of paper

Follow these ideas to create the different creatures or make up some of your own